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World Famous Top Honeymoon Destinations Bahamas

Couples who are just married, ruined by the stress of wedding take a break to share some moments in private that establish love in them and in turn, is believe in easing the comfort zone towards a physical relationship is called the honeymoon. This is the period when newlyweds begin their bonding of togetherness as husband and wife for future life.
In that case, it is more sensitive and essential to choose best romantic honeymoon destinations. So, here I recommend you to select the Bahamas, an island country that consists more than 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean, situated north of Cuba and Hispaniola, east of the Florida Keys, northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands and southeast of the U.S states of Florida. Nassau is its capital. The Bahamas is derived from the “ Taino ba ha ma ” by the indigenous Amerindians, means “ big upper middle land ”.
The Bahamas relies on tourism and it generates over 60% of the Bahamian GDP. Millions of people visit the Bahamas all-the-year-round and most of them are cruise attracted. World’s largest cruise ship Oasis of Sea has a routine trip to the Bahamas. The cause of it’s extraordinary hard-packed pale pink sand, beautiful trails, great accommodations, traditions, folklore and legend rich with culture, sports, no traffic jams, quaint & friendly community, delightful weather, less crowd and popular activities on the beach, the Bahamas attracts everyone. Not surprisingly, rich and famous are fond a few in the islands.
The Bahamas kept a lot of secrets, one of the best is Harbor Island and a few of the others are, Hermitage, Arawak Cave, Cat Island and Fernandez Bay Village. Harbor Island is one of the best beaches of Bahamas. The island is popular and famous for snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, fishing without shopping and happening nightlife. Explore the pleasure of the best selections of restaurants at Harbor Island. The only town on Harbor Island is Dunmore Town.
The Hermitage is situated at the top of Mount Alvernia, are a bit of a historical oddity and the highest point in the Bahamas.
Arawak Cave is a historical site of the Bahamas. It is located near port Howe, well known of the Ambrister Plantation.

Cat island is famous for the “ Cat Island Dive Center”. The island offers a variety of water sports like diving, snorkeling and a wealth of marine life and geological formations, extraordinary beaches with near complete privacy and delicious dishes including roasted rack of lamb. It is an interesting and fascinating place that impresses on its visitors.
If you’re seeking of creative and delicious native dishes than visit the Fernandez Bay Village. The beach is famous for their Bahamian Cuisine.
You can reach to the Bahamas by air and sea both. You should book your tickets in advance as well the better house rentals at desired location.
Undoubtedly, honeymooning in the Bahamas is a dream come true. The Bahamas won’t disappoint you and will make your any vacations memorable and relaxed for a lifetime with sun, sea and great food; either it is the family vacation, destination wedding, honeymoon or a romantic getaway.
You’re highly recommended to ensure your travel insurance before traveling anywhere in the world.

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