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Decidedly, world’s longest beach is the Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, rich with abundant of natural beauties. It is also the most visited traveling destinations in Bangladesh, located alongside the Bay-of-Bengal, beside Indian Ocean. It is bounded by Chittagong District on the north, Bay of Bengal in the south, Bandarban District on the east and the Bay of Bengal on the west.

The main attraction of the city is its golden sandy beach, scenic and captivating beauty. The beach town named Cox’s Bazar, honoring the East India Captain Hiram Cox who was appointed in the coast. Once upon a time, Mughal Prince Shah Shuja was attracted by the hilly terrain of it, stopped for some time with his one thousand palanquins, named “Dulahazara”. After the end of British rule, Advocate Fazlul Haque who was the first chairman of Cox’s Bazar Municipality tried to build Cox’s Bazar as a tourist destination and now it has really turned as the most beautiful and famous tourist destination in Bangladesh.

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Visitors from around the world to natives visit this wonderful gifts of nature every year. Number of 3 & 5-star hotels, resorts and honeymoon cottages are available here with various offerings. World renowned international hotel chains are going on and to be opened anytime.

Features of numbers of waterfalls, evergreen lush tropical rain forests with step hills filled and rich with various trees along with herbs and shrubs, sandy sun-drenched 120 km(app.) long unbroken sea beach, Monasteries, Khayangs and pagodas containing with images of Buddha, thirteen feet high statue of Buddha made of bronze, gold and precious stones, Safari Park where domesticated elephants are available for a ride with animal attractions include Royal Bengal Tigers, Lions, Bears, Crocodiles, Monkeys and Birds ; magnificent and wonderful islands, handicrafts and handmade cigars, traditional Burmese market, delightful sea food and many more attract visitors.

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Lots of things to do here in Cox’s Bazar. Swimming (but be careful, check out the instractions & red/green flags), water sports like jet skiing, sailing, speed boat riding, kids best choice beach-biking, hiking on towering cliffs alongside the beach, horseback riding during sunset, take a drive with your honey by 4WD or a motor bike on about 102 km Marine Drive.

You can visit the wonder islands of the world’s longest beach- Cox’s Bazar. Maheskhali Island- It is located about 32 km south of  Cox’s Bazar, was created in 1559 from the original island storm and tidal. A range of 300 feet high, low hills rises through the centre of the island along with the eastern coast line and the other coast to the west and north is a low-lying treat of mangrove jungle. The shrine of  Adinath temple is built in the hills on the coast, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is also a Buddhist Pagoda on the same hill beside the temple.

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Sonadia Island- Land of  Sonadia is about 9 km and 7 km far from Cox’s Bazar. The island is a wonderful mixture of nature. Different kinds of shells, beds of window pane oyasters and sandy beaches are found in the island from one part to the other. Fisherman set up temporary camps to dry their catches of sea fish during Winter in the island.

Shah Parir Island- The island, Shah Parir Dwip feels more like a sleepy fishing port than a launch pad for people smuggling industry fringed with coconut trees and sandy beaches, is a near-deserted island in Bangladesh. The rolling hills are visible on the horizon of neighboring Myanmar (formerly Burma). You’ll be thrilled watching number of large community of deer and wild animals in the island.

Kutubdia Island- An Upazila of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, Kutubdia consists of an island in the Bay-of-Bengal. Saint Hazrat Malek Shah was born on this island and also famous for only lighthouse was built during the British rule in Bangladesh. Locally dried fish known as “Shutki” and producing salt made Kutubdia rich.

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Saint Martins Island- This small and wonderful island is a tropical green beach of Cox’s Bazar fringed with coconut palms and bounty marine life in the Bay-of-Bengal, located about 10 km south-west of the Teknaf. This is the place ranked second after Kuakata island in Bangladesh from where you can watch both sunrise and sunset. Around local 9:00 AM from Teknaf, board sea-truck leaves for Saint Martins Island reach around 12:00 noon. You can also travel by engine boat but much scary due to wind and very high sea wave of 2 km over the deep sea after across 2 km of  Naf River.
      After reaching the spectacular island you’ll                       
      feel completely different. Don’t miss the   
   sunrise which stays very short and of course fresh sea fishes. You can stay over night in one of the islands best place Simana Periye Resort, also can liesure whole day at private beach.

As I always recommend, do ensure your travel insurance before wherever and whenever you travel for.
So, by traveling these wonderful islands of the world’s longest beach- Cox’s Bazar from any where of the world, every couples/friends/families can

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